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Google abandoning “Google Code”

It is Googles’ fashion to shutdown services which are not popular enough. The latest victim was Google Code project [1] which was started in 2006. Google was very frank on the press release I suppose. I would like to quote the following.

When we started the Google Code project hosting service in 2006, the world of project hosting was limited. We were worried about reliability and stagnation, so we took action by giving the open source community another option to choose from. Since then, we’ve seen a wide variety of better project hosting services such as GitHub and Bitbucket bloom. Many projects moved away from Google Code to those other systems.

It is true that GitHub gained increase popularity among developers for code hosting and many developers are comfortable with it too. However as Google claimed it was true that in 2006 the choices were limited, even GitHub started in 2008 [1]. However the large picture is quite astonishing. In 2006, Google was a giant company and Google Code was one of the projects they have started. They could have done something better than GitHub, I believe.

However it is good to see the dynamics of Google, other than few, most of their interests never seems fixed. It quite sounds like the open source way too.

I worked closely with Google Code repositories few years back and it is quite sad to hear that it is getting shutdown. But I think it is the right decision they took. Need to move forward with new interests and causes.

Good Bye, Google Code for the support hosting open source projects through the decade of service.


[1] http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2015/03/farewell-to-google-code.html

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GitHub

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Inevitable destiny of Sri Lanka with South Africa in quarter finals ?

In ICC world cup 2015, most matches in Pool A and B are already come to an end. Most of the teams are waiting for their final match while Sri Lanka completed all 6 matches in first round and got qualified for quarter finals.

Though Sri Lanka played in Pool A, there is a quite interest towards Pool B, because of the quarter final opponents will be decided by their standings. Sri Lanka would end up being at the third place with the collapse for Australia. Therefore there should be a keen interest on the Pool B 2nd place, whatever the team securing the 2nd place will play against Sri Lanka in quarter final match.

In Pool B, India undoubtedly secured the first place and they will be playing against Bangladesh.

The next match, South Africa is playing against UAE and will secure 8 points.

West Indies is playing against UAE and will secure 6 points.

The only doubt comes on who wins the match, Pakistan vs Ireland. The winning team will secure 8 points and would be competing for the 2nd and 3rd places (net run rate decides the winner) and the loosing team has to compete for the 4th place with West Indies again. It sounds quite interesting, isn’t it?

However since South Africa and West Indies are playing against UAE there is a high possibility of gaining of their net run rate compared to Pakistan and Ireland. If it is assumed that Pakistan blow out Ireland, then based on the net run rate South Africa will be 2nd, Pakistan will be 3rd and 4th place will be securing by the West Indies.

It seems like, most of the time Sri Lanka will be played against South Africa on 18th March, the first Quarter final match. Wish Sri Lanka good luck !!

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Birth Control – Introduction

Recently I participated for a pre-marriage counselling program and physical relationship after marriage was discussed as a topic of the program. However there was no enough time to cover the everything and as a result I started reading on the topic, focusing on the birth control techniques. Then I decided to share my findings with my readers hoping it would be helpful.

Birth controlling has started since many couples are not eager to except what god gives them as it is. The main idea behind is to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

However to achieve that goal there are two methods available, one is natural birth control and the other is artificial  methods.

Pills, condoms, surgeries fall under artificial methods. Other than wearing condoms, the other artificial methods are having side effects more or less and may be directly cause for infertility. Therefore it is good to keep those methods away as much as possible.

However it is good to know some theory behind.

Ovary, in female reproductive system releases eggs at a rate of nearly once a month (menstrual cycle). A female has two  ovarys where eggs releases alternately. Then the egg is traveled through the Fallopian tube to womb. The approximated travel time is 1-2 days through the Fallopian tube from the time the egg is released. For a successful pregnancy, a sperm should meet the egg while the egg is in the Fallopian tube. If such happened then the reproductive system generates hormones that signal the brain and command to ready for a pregnancy. The brain adopt the changes and stops releasing eggs since the message has been already delivered about the pregnancy.

When using pills the above natural process is simulated with the help of chemicals. Therefore with no eggs the chance of getting pregnant get low. However there is no easy and fast recovery when taking pills is terminated. That is why those pills can be lead to permanent infertility or disorders.

Following video explains well about release of the egg


While the pills changes the hormone structure, surgeries block eggs and sperm contacting each other. Like blocking the Fallopian tube and etc. Condoms and other wearing protections do the same but they do not interfere internally or chemically.

Therefore when artificial methods are concerned, there are two folds. What is the safest and side effect free method. There is a scale for it. Known as Pearl Index [1].

While my preference is always lies with wearing condoms as the one and only artificial birth control method you can refer to the “Comparison of birth control methods”[2] and get to know more.

** Please bear mind that I am not a medical practitioner and this is no any medical advice, please refer to family planning consultant for more reliable information.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Index

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_birth_control_methods

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Bangladesh in ICC 2015

Bangladesh has been qualified for the quarter final match of the ICC 2015 world cup. It was remarkable but was not a surprise. Bangladesh is in Pool A, and there was a high possibility that they could be securing 5th place over Afghanistan and Scotland {if Bangladesh win those 2 matches it gives 4 points where other two countries could win maximum 1 match (unless something very extraordinary happens) which gives 2 points only}. However today, the Bangladesh team stands at the 4th place with 7 points.

The next match versus New Zealand would be most probably in favor of New Zealand and at last Bangladesh would remain in the 4th place and advances to quarter final match with India. Unless nothing extraordinary happens, Bangladesh would be terminating 2015 world cup career after the match with India. However it should be noted that their achievement is quite remarkable through out the past few years.

Further Bangladesh was awarded 1 point due to the match with Australia got cancelled due to rain. That point however made no difference even England blew out the Bangladesh team.

Wishing all the best for Bangladesh at their quarter finals and in the next match with New Zealand. It is so good that all Asian teams advanced to quarter finals in the world cup.



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Pre-Cana seminar – Report

There are few criterion, a roman catholic couple should complete before they stand in front of the altar for exchange of their marriage vows. One of them is obtaining the certificate by completing the pre-cana seminar. According to wikipedia pre-cana is described as “Pre-Cana is a course or consultation couples must undergo before they can be married in a Catholic church. The name is derived from John 2:1–12, the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee, where Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine.”[1]

As mentioned the intention was to consult couples before they get married and educate them regarding the aspects of the marriage life.

Recently my fiance and myself got the chance to attend such seminar to earn the eligibility. It was held in one of the centers in Colombo Diocese[2] on Sunday. The seminar was a one day program, 0830 to 1730 hrs.

The process of attending to such seminar is quite easy. A letter from the priest of the grooms’ church would be required and then the priest of the brides’ church would issue the form (or vice-verse) that is mandatory to attend the seminar. That form should be filled with care since only one form is being issued and try to make it accurate as much as possible since the certificate would carry those information. All instructions are on the form itself and it is required to register before hand.  We were asked to present at the place before 30 minutes. A valid identification document (NIC, Passport or Driving License) was required to register at the venue.

0830 hrs the registration was started and then followed by a introductory address by one of the volunteer.

The first section was about the views of the marriage based on the perspectives of the Holy Bible. It was discussed along with five points extracting some phrases from the Holy Bible.  The five points are

  1. Integrity and sustainability of the marriage
  2. Equal respect
  3. Marriage bond based on love
  4. Sexual side of the marriage life
  5. Divorce

The first session lasted around 2 hours where the voluntary couple (Upali and Nelishiya, a married couple for 35 years) shared their experience along with the perspectives of the Holy Bible covering above mentioned five points.

After the tea break the second section has begun by another voluntary couple (married for 16 years and having 5 sons and daughters, remarkably quite surprising). The main topic of the discussion was the physiological aspects of the marriage.  It was a good sessions where again 5 stages of the marriage was explained with examples and sharing of their experiences. It was an interesting discussion where the participants were interacted with the presenters. Fice stages discussed are;

  1. Romantic stage
  2. Disappointment and Disillusionment stage
  3. Differentiation and Acceptance stage
  4. Modulation and integration stage
  5. Mature love stage

Once the second session was concluded the seminar was paused for the lunch.

After the lunch break the third section was started which was about the physical relationship between the couple after marriage. Another voluntary couple directed the session.  How sex relates with the beliefs of the Catholic church was discussed first and then followed by the topics on issues faced by new couples in their sex lives, natural birth control techniques and abortions. It was good info specially they discussed a lot more technical aspects on natural birth control techniques (The Catholic church refuses artificial birth control techniques including condoms to LRT and etc..).

The last section was started right after the evening tea break. This session was organized in small groups (consisting 8 members in each group) where the voluntary couples separately addressed the small groups (male partner of the couple addressed the males and female partner addressed the girls in separate locations). Groups were formed separating males and females, it was regarding the social aspects of the marriage life. It covers how to cope with the new parents and siblings after the marriage and how to manage the financial requirements.

There were two questions per session (different questions) to be answered from what has been learnt and it was collected at the end of the seminar. Before concluding the event, two attendees addressed the participants and shared their views on the program. Certificates were distributed at the end of the seminar to all the participants.

Frankly I believe the program filled a gap and strengthened the knowledge that is really necessary for couples who are starting their lives as husband and wife. A humble thank with respect should be extend to all the volunteer couples (specially their dedication and commitment to make the program success and important), the priest in-charge of this program at the center and all the stakeholders.

May the blessing of the Jesus always with them and strengthen them to delivery much more to direct the lives of new couple into right direction.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Cana
[2] http://www.dioceseofcolombo.lk/

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Confession of Love

I did decide …
Many said, I was wrong …
I giggled …
time passed …

I lived in a dream …
Enjoying every moment of it…
Without knowing it was a dream,
time passed …

It took a long time …
and cost a life time …
To realize …
Pie in the sky …

Now it is certain …
They are Right …
and I was Wrong …
No more dreams …

I did something …

which is …

Rightly Wrong & Wrongly Right.

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 – Replica of AirFrance 447 OR mechanical failure ?

2014 seems to be a year full of unfortunate for the Malaysian airlines industry, starting from 2014 March 8, July 17 and December 29, three aircrafts had gone down killing 543 people ( at the time of writing this article only 6 has been confirmed dead out of 162 people on board) and socking the nations.

"Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320-216; PK-AXC@SIN;07.08.2011 617eo (6068918367)" by Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland - Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320-216; PK-AXC@SIN;07.08.2011/617eoUploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Indonesia_AirAsia_Airbus_A320-216;_PK-AXC@SIN;07.08.2011_617eo_(6068918367).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Indonesia_AirAsia_Airbus_A320-216;_PK-AXC@SIN;07.08.2011_617eo_(6068918367).jpg

Photo of Flight QZ8501, taken in 2011 
Image Courtesy : Wikipedia.org

Flight QZ8501/AWQ8501, an Airbus A320 which was a routing flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore disappeared on 28 Dec 2014, recently Indonesian officials has confirmed that the wreckage has been found at sea near Borneo. Even though the cause for the accident is yet to be revealed, many suspect the cause would be the bad weather.

AirAsia owns clear good safety records with no crashes until 28th December. It should be noted that there is a restriction for AirAsia flights in Europe Union according to their latest update on December 2014. Nevertheless AirAsia Indonesia was exempted from that restriction, that suggests their flights are on good fit to fly.

How ever it is questionable that a flight having such sophisticated technology can bring down just because of the bad weather. In the history, AirFrance flight 447, an Airbus A330-203 was one of the flights which went through some similar sequence of incidents which was flying through the equator, crashed due to pilot error. Though surprisingly the cause for the crash was lead by the bad weather.

Airbus flights are equipped with  top notched sophisticated technology from decades and they lead the innovation on civil aviation from the time of their introduction of Fly-By-Wire technology for commercial aviation in 1980s. Airbus safety records are clearly showing that it is one of the safest air planes on the earth. In such a background, it is quite unbelievable that the cause for the flight QZ8501 crash is just alone the bad weather. Thanks to nose radar in each and every commercial airplane, storms, weather effects can be identified and avoided. On the other hand strong storms are common near the equator and the flight was in experienced pilots hands.

According to the records the flight was out of the radar contact after 5 minutes of the pilots communication. Even the bad weather did damage the flight and fulled down, there should be enough time for the pilots to issue a “MayDay” call, unless the flight was caught on very disturbing turbulence which plunged the flight down rapidly. However it was not reported that the weather was such disturbing in that time in the area since there were few flights on the area of nearly 2000 ft of vertical separation.  The aircraft was flying an altitude of 32,000 ft and hit the sea around in nearly 6 minutes (radar contacts were lost at 2317 GMT and the pilots made the last communication at 2312 GMT). Air crash investigations time to time have been revealed that such rapid descends can be due to damages to fuselage, lose/ lock/ malfunction of rudder or vertical/horizontal stabilator or deliberate nose down maneuver which can be temporarily ruled out according to the evidence so far. The only assumption based on the prevailing facts could be that the tail or the vertical stabilizers were damaged or ripped off from the flight due to turbulence or a lightning strike or both which results in plunging the flight down which was highly unlikely to be happened but for some extend there is a possibility for such sequence. There is no clear explanation other than that for the high descend of the flight. The rate of descend can be accurately calculated if the air traffic controllers do have the flights’ transponders data of the flight height or if the radar data provides the altitude data. It can help the investigators to get a clear picture of the scene before it hits the sea level.

A similar incident in the history which caused the rudder issue to plunged an aircraft down was American Airlines Flight 587 in 2001 which was an Airbus A300B4. Airbus was not that popular for rudder issues than Boeing does but the threat cannot be simply ruled out.

Taking data, as the flight was at altitude of 32,000 ft and time taken to lose radar contact was 6 minutes, the rate of descend for a minute would be  nearly 5,000 ft, which creates high g-forces that ripped the aircraft into pieces before it hit the sea water (this can be verified by analyzing the spread of debris on the sea bed unless that the waves change their initial location). Assuming that the flight hit the sea at the time it disappeared from the radar but the rate should be higher since the radar coverage ends in some feet above the sea level. It should be noted that such a rate of descend is highly impossible, should due to a reason as noted above. According to the above developed hypothesis, there is a high possibility of being the cause for the accident would be poor maintenance.

Due to bad weather, a flight may experiences fatal situations due to lightening, structural damages to the fuselage/ wings, ice formation on wings, engine flame-outs and etc. Though modern aircraft are designed to withstand such situations. Even in highly extreme situations flights have been survived. Moreover some sequence of incidents may lead to a disaster and the bad weather could be the catalyst or the initiator of those fatal incidents.

Hopefully, all the questions can be answered once the black boxes (Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Records) of the flight has been rescued. It is rather very important to figure out the cause while A320 was one of the widely used aircrafts over the world and how it reacts to bad weather would be a lesson yet to be learnt.



Legal Note : The author is NOT an aviation expert and only the authors purview of the incident based on the public information is noted. The real cause could be far different from what is noted here.

This article can be republished under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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GSoC 2015 Introduction event in University of Peradeniya

For the first time in the history, the GSoC program 2015 has been announced much early, in 2014, before more than 6 months prior to the commencement of the program. Association of Computer Engineering Students (ACES), a student society of University of Peradeniya has organized a GSoC awareness program in their faculty on 2014 November 8th.

I was invited to deliver an introductory session on GSoC program to the students. Lali Devamanthri, a past mentor for the Fedora project and a past GSoC student, addressed the students.

It was a successful and well organized event, where students showed much interest towards the program and much details of the program. Event concluded with a panel discussion.

Note : GSoC Awareness Program in 2013 in the University of Peradeniya

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5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception

Recently, I was not invited for a wedding where my fiancée was the maid of honor. Therefore it gave me a chance to think of “5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception”. If you are planning for a wedding this would definitely help for a healthy friendship.

  1. May be their partners wasted time sacrificing their free time when there were fit-on sessions, rehearsals and etc, driving his fiancée to the place and then waiting till such things get over .
  2. May be their partners agreed to share the free time supporting the maids to practice and compose their speeches and practice their dances.
  3. Most of the time you selected your best friends to the brides’ party so your best friends’ husband-to-be is also one of the best friends of your new family too. So you want to skip one of the besties?
  4. Further their partners’ presence would make them really comfortable throughout the event which indirectly earns you an/ few extra helping hand.
  5. Finally, recall the day you invited your selected friends to become a part of the brides’ party in your best day in the life. If they needed to get the ‘OK’ from their partners, of course they stand beside you, holding the bouquets, because their partners said ‘OK’, so here is the time to say “Thank you !”

List goes on, but I decided to stick to the title, so do not hesitate to invite them, it will save your friendship and earn some advantages too.

Otherwise it sounds like “I don’t care, you servant, get my work done !!!” OR “I cant control me when I see your fiancé in this special day, he is insanely sexy” OR ……



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CMB to SIN air fares in July and August.

Recently I checked air fares for Singapore from Colombo and found out following for bookings on July and August, the average low prices in the OneWorld alliance.

Sri Lankan Airlines

  • July – LKR 33,505.00
  • August – > LKR 55,000.00

Malaysian Airlines

  • July & August – LKR 29,265.00

Cathay Pacifi

  • July & August – LKR 30,093.00

However surprisingly I could able to find lowest fare at findmyfare.com LKR 28,050.00 with Malaysian Airlines. If you are HSBC cardholder you can get further 10% saving. therefore the final price would be LKR 25,245.00

If you go with Cathey Pacific with finemyfare.com still the price would come around LKR 30,100.00 and with the discount it comes around LKR 27,000.00 which is a good price I believe.

However the transit via Kuala Lumpur, if you select Malaysian Airlines where other airlines have direct connections to CMB -> SIN.

Therefore if you are interested in lowest fare just check findmyfare.com

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