Mixology: Tamarind vodka cocktail

Tamarind is an acidic fruit. The sourness of the fruit is so great and strong which adds an extra uniqueness.  So I though of trying out a cocktail mixture out of Tamarind. This is how it went.

How to prepare Tamarind concentrate

This is not a difficult task, just get the fruit, peel the outer crust off. Then soak it in water, extract it by hand (use less water to make it more concentrated). Use a porous cloth to strain the juice.  Now you have tamarind concentrate.

Conceptual Design

Awakening the sourness, the acidity of the tamarind juice is my main intention here. However not everyone can bear it, the solution is adding sugar which is not my way. So I thought of softening the sourness with milk. Therefore I added milk instead of sugar. I took White Russian as the inspiration here. So I have two varieties now. Lets try it !


Ingredients : 

  • Tamarind concentrate
  • Vodka (used Smirnoff)
  • Whipping Cream/ Milk
  • Sugar cyrup
  • Lime juice
  • Pepper

How to:

For the drink no.1, add 1:1 tamarind concentrate and vodka. Add sugar syrup if you prefer. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well. Strain it and add some lime juice and little bit of Pepper and mix it well. Finally add little Pepper on top of the surface. Serve.

For the next drink, The drink no.2, fill the glass with ice cubes. Then add cream and then Tamarind juice on top of it. You may add little bit of milk to get the cloudiness (however this is hard to notice). Stir a bit before serving. I prefer this with no sugar as milk soften the sourness to a manageable limit. But for sugar fans add it to the concentrate and make it ready. Do not add sugar when mixing.


Salt rim glass would be more suitable. Again sugar for sugar fans.

Drink No. 1 – Tamarind Concentrate and Vodka


Drink No. 2 – Tamarind Concentrate, Cream/ Milk and Vodka


Fumes of both drinks are rich in sourness of tamarind. Adding some pepper on top of the first drink boosts the vibrant levels. Do not forget to inhale the aroma with care when pepper presents on the surface.


The sourness of tamarind is dominant here. The vodka gets much more soften in presence of tamarind. If you want it to be much stronger consider increasing the vodka portion or add equal amounts of tequila (just a suggestion). If  it is unpleasant due to high acidity level consider adding some salt to the tamarind concentrate.


Does not matter the time of the date, the drink no. 1 is indeed a good starting point. Suits well for open-air, under-the-sun events ex: pool party, beach party etc. In summary, if you are looking for a punch or getting ready to start the evening, this would be one of the best choices.


Instead of vodka, try this with tequila base. Or a base like in Long Island which is tequila, vodka, run, gin and triple Sec.

Try it and add your comments…


The Soptail

Recently I have came across a lavish cocktail mixture, of course I am writing this while enjoying a glass of the newly crafted beauty.


  • whiskey – used Johnnie Walker Red Label
  • soursop juice
  • mango juice
  • and ice


Prepare raw soursop juice and raw mango juice. Blend those two together. Feel free to research the right portions. I am satisfied with soursop:mango to 5:1. Shake the juice base with some whiskey. Then fill the glass with ice and pour the mixture on top of it. Again it is upto you to decide the right portions. I settled with 3:1 to Juice base:whiskey.

I tested another version of this with a slight change. Instead shaking, add the juice base and whiskey to the glass and stir. This is having a good punch and a vibrant taste.

Feel free to check this and let me know your ideas !!!!

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Cocktail Recipes #3

This weekend I was at home and though of trying new cocktail mixture. I tired around 4 mixtures and following is the best recipe.

Cocktail #3



  • Vodka – 2 oz
  • Sherbet Syrup – 2 tsp
  • Orange bitter – 1 dash
  • Nelli Juice – 1 oz
  • Decorations – Few grapes and slice of lime

How to

Crush nelli and get the juice with out adding water using the muddler. Add bitter, ice and shake a bit. Then add vodka and sherbet syrup. Shake well. You may change the vodka portion depending on how strong you want it. Serve with graphs and a lime slice.


Since Orange bitter and Nelli is added the drink is bitter. But adding Sherbet gives a mild bitter taste. Adding 1 oz of dry vermouth would make it much stronger. Adding 1 dash of triple sec would be good I suppose.


Adding some ice cream (vanilla) ? or fresh cream?