Time Zone Conversions (after Google lies)

Google is at my disposal, easy to use and pretty accurate. Hence I use Google frequently to check time in other countries and also use it pretty much to convert time. However once Day Light Saving (DST) has started the time conversion seems to be not correct,

For an example, the time difference is 3.5 hrs in CET to IST when DST is in effect. But Google still thinks the difference is 4.5 hrs.


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I prefer www.timeanddate.com which is one of the best tools to work with time zones. Time zone conversion is pretty handy, I would say it is pretty CooL.

Having said that, I also came across WolframAlpha.com which is handy and smart as well.


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WolframAlpha is amazing, it comes with some useful tools.


I played with few and still exploring the other tools. Firefox add-on, Chrome extension are also available. Just give it a try. You wont get regret, I m pretty sure.

PS: found the following article when I google – Google Lies, pretty funny and interesting, have a look guys !


2 thoughts on “Time Zone Conversions (after Google lies)

  1. Nice article Buku. Worth noting that Siri (Apple voice assistance) and many other free text search/voice assistant tools are based on WolframAlpha.

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