Finding MAC Address (MAC Filtering cont.)

One of my friends has read the article on MAC Filtering and inquired an easy way to find out the MAC addresses of the devices. This the easiest I came across so far.

You need to log into the admin panel of the router, find the place which shows the connected/ (or history of the connected devices). It gives the list of MAC addresses along with some identification. (Eg: in my routers home page it shows the device history with MAC addresses and an identification tag, it says AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF and iPhone, so I figured out it is my wife’s. The dumbest thing in my home, ohhh no not the wife I meant, but the iPhone)

Get the list and add it to the MAC filter. It is simple.

Any better idea? Please comment !


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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