Wifi Security : In a nutshell

Wifi Security is a vast subject and of course a tiny sub set of cyber security which of course a sub set of IT security as a whole.

Well, no system in this world is safe. Therefore it is better to employ some security over your wifi router before someone steals your expensive data bundle. The best part is, smart intruders consume, may be 10% of your quota, even you dont have a chance to notice it.

“Is that the end of the story? Who cares about data, I have enough so it is better someone uses it”…..

I know you are person with a big heart. BUT do you know what the intruder is doing? May be he gets access to deep-web, running a web site that sells drugs or running a brute force bot, manning a DoD attack bot, or simply maintain a fake FB account, who knows? By the law, you are responsible for all this traffic, because you are the owner of the router. Scared enough? Good !!

So before it is too late, use some security features to block the unwanted access. Bear in mind, something is better than nothing. A mantra in security. Fortunately we are not living in Singapore, so anyone can try accessing any wifi network (not using the traffic but there is no law refrain the attempts to access the wifi network).

I composed a list of few security measurements that can be employed in your family Wifi router. Most of them are easy to employ. Just check the list below….

Choose the SSID wisely and dont make it public

SSID – Service Set Identifier. SSID is the name of the network you see. Do not use a SSID which is easy to guess. For an example dont use your home number or your name or your pet’s name. They are easy to guess. I mean the owner of the router. Use some arbitrary SSID which is not easy to crack using social engineering techniques. Then dont make it public. As an additional feature, broadcasting the SSID can also be stopped. In that case you need to enter the SSID manually as it is not visible when wifi is turned on in your device. It facilitates invisibility of the network for those who dont know youe SSID. Ideal for your home network.

Save energy, switch the router off when you leave home

Do not keep your wifi router running 24×7. Switch it off when you dont use it. Even before you sleep. This is a good practice.

Wifi router is not an ornament

Keep the router in a safe place where the public cant reach. Ideally not the living room.

Why? I did remove the sticker which was on the router which had the password and details. So cant I keep it in the living room? so that my neighbors know I have a wifi router.”

This is good. I would do the same if I owned a wifi router in 1980’s or 1990’s. But no more. Because, if they can see your router it reveals the model of the router. It is a good info and it narrows down the effort of the intrusion.

Never keep using the routers default password

Change the password of the router as soon you start using it. Never use the default password even though it seems very strong. It is very easy to crack it if the intruder knows the model of the router you are running.

Use a strong password and change it frequently

Are you a fan of “abc123” password or “1234567890” or ……………………………….??

Well it is time for a change, use a strong password. I mean a password with a higher entropy. And change it frequently. Lets say at least once a month. Higher the frequency, it is much safer.

Use MAC Filtering

This is a standard security feature to prevent intruders (at least theoretically). If you need more info just google.

Use strong encryption 

Fan of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). God bless you. Less than 5 minutes the encryption can be broken. Not sure, ok try using a free tool like aircrack. Use WPA/ WPA-2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) instead. At least it is better than WEP.

Use a firewall

Using a firewall is a good idea, go for a software firewall if you cant afford a hardware firewall. Some routers are equipped with firewalls. Check it !

Use extra layers/ tools/ hardware

This is the best security measurement, but very expensive. May be not suitable for a home but must have for the wifi network in your office.

Update firmware of the router

Keep the router’s firmware up to date as much as possible, this is very important and not that difficult too.

Be vigilant and keep monitoring

Even though the above measurements are in place, they are useless without proper monitoring. So make it a habit of checking the device history log in your router, at least. It tells you which devices has been connected to the router in past few days. If there is a suspicious device check for it.

Well this is the list I came up with. If you have anything which has not been listed here please use comments.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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