5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception

Recently, I was not invited for a wedding where my fiancée was the maid of honor. Therefore it gave me a chance to think of “5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception”. If you are planning for a wedding this would definitely help for a healthy friendship.

  1. May be their partners wasted time sacrificing their free time when there were fit-on sessions, rehearsals and etc, driving his fiancée to the place and then waiting till such things get over .
  2. May be their partners agreed to share the free time supporting the maids to practice and compose their speeches and practice their dances.
  3. Most of the time you selected your best friends to the brides’ party so your best friends’ husband-to-be is also one of the best friends of your new family too. So you want to skip one of the besties?
  4. Further their partners’ presence would make them really comfortable throughout the event which indirectly earns you an/ few extra helping hand.
  5. Finally, recall the day you invited your selected friends to become a part of the brides’ party in your best day in the life. If they needed to get the ‘OK’ from their partners, of course they stand beside you, holding the bouquets, because their partners said ‘OK’, so here is the time to say “Thank you !”

List goes on, but I decided to stick to the title, so do not hesitate to invite them, it will save your friendship and earn some advantages too.

Otherwise it sounds like “I don’t care, you servant, get my work done !!!” OR “I cant control me when I see your fiancé in this special day, he is insanely sexy” OR ……




Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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