10 Things Every Man Should Have in their backpack

I recently went through a blog article reading “10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse” (link included at the bottom), and instantly I started thinking as men, what should we keep with us in our backpacks. I used to carry my backpack almost everywhere as much as possible and I have few things inside which really save my days, few times. For your info I am listing few most important and must have items in your backpack.

  1. Some Notes (Money) – It is good to keep some cash ready in the bag so that in an emergency it can be used. When it is used do not forget to refill.
  2. Some wet tissues – It is good to have some wet tissues to wipe out
  3. A Knife – Swiss knife is ideal, otherwise a small knife with a cover, can be used to cut papers, any fruit, a bag and list grows. However be extra careful when carrying it and entering to high security zones.
  4. Apirin, Paracetamol or Pain Killer – You never know when you need it, for headache it would be the relief.
  5. A pen – This is very important and serve you well, so keep a pen with you in all time.
  6. Emergency contact info card – With proper info it is good to have an emergency contact card, so that others can use it to contact your family members in case you are in such a position.
  7. Hand sanitizer – Handy thing to have a bottle of liquid sanitizer so that you can be “bacteria free”
  8. A Lighter – Disregard whether you smoke or not. If you are smoking it is obvious that you need to carry it. anyway if you are not it is good to have one so that it can be used in any emergency or in a need. Matches are not an option since they get wet and become unusable in few days.
  9. Some business cards – You will meet many people on the way, good to have some cards so that you can expand your network easily rather than making others memorizing your details.
  10. Some chocolates/ snacks – I hate being in hunger specially when travelling, good to have some snack to enjoy when you are hungry. i usually keep some chocolates and a snack. Because chocolate gives you instant strength if needed.

Apart from above I always keep my keys inside in a safe place and bank tokens. Apart from that if possible I usually carry my diary so that I can write down anything important and since my check book is attached to the diary it gives me extra advantage.

More importantly the list has no order, I think everything is much important, and required when you are in a situation.

In womens’ listing it includes lipsticks, sanitation towels, baby wipe, mace spray apart from the above. Ladies, you may read it at http://en.amerikanki.com/things-every-woman-should-have-in-her-purse


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