Role of Students, Mentors and Org Admins in GSoC

GSoC 2014 will be happening for the 10th time in few weeks. Mainly a mentoring organizations may seek to earn promising contributors towards the project and/or trying to get implemented things that are critical to their projects. More or less each and every organization tries to get both the benefits. In idea situation, at the end of the program the required project/ or a part of the project/ or a enhancement has been implemented and completed while the student becomes a proven contributor to the organisation.

When selecting students for a proposed project the organisations may try their best to pick the best students among the pool of applications. They may try their best to evaluate the students’ knowledge towards completing the project which we can identify as the students capacity of the knowledge required. And at the same time they may try to evaluate how reliable they are. According to what I believe there is no use of a student who is capable of completing the project but will not be contributing or remaining as a contributor with the organisation in long term, unless the implementation or enhancement is really critical for the well being of the organisation. In the other hand if the student is reliable but not having enough skills to complete the project, again it is useless. Therefore organisations should be willing to try their best to evaluate the both ends and find the suitable students. This may sounds easy but in practice which is really hard to measure and evaluate. This depends on the experience of the organisation administrators and mentors. They should have a strategy to filter out and evaluate them with pre-identified criteria.

Mentoring organisations invest quite significant effort for this program which could have been used for any other development with in the project. Therefore it is really important to meet the goals and expectations. I think everything is depending on the student who are getting selected for the program. The main focus and the assets for this program.

There are instances some GSoC students became proven contributors and shape the organizations being active contributors. Most probably behind them, the secret of the success if their mentors. Mentors should guide them students not only to achieve the goals of the project but to play an active role to get them familiarized with the community. This process should go in parallel to the development/ coding.

The Org Administrators should be the central point of managing everything mentioned above. Building right strategy, setting practical goals, identifying the things to be achieved and maintain the quality should be some of their focuses. In short the Org Admins should play the role of HR management and as well as Project Management.

In ideal situation both entities get together and perform their role best so that the out come form the program would be optimal.





Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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