An “Event Management System” for Fedora

Fedora Ambassadors are quite busy with organizing events to promote and spread the word about the Fedora OS and the project. The scale of the vent may vary small to a FUDCon, but the basic principles like preparation, budget management and stuff remain same for both ends. For a long time I tend to use few project management tools to organize those in a better way. But non satisfy my need 100% , therefore think of drafting a project idea to create and develop an Event Management System for focusing the Fedora project.

Event management can be devided into small peices which includes Budget Management, SWAG production, Attendees Management, Work Break-down Structure (WBS),Sponsorship Management and phases like Planning, Executing and After Event.

In Planning Phase, WBS should be properly implemented with deadlines, this is where Project Management principles should be implemented to make sure the event is under control. Simply the work that is break down should have deadline which the work should be completed, the planned cost for the work, earlier start and latest start, earlier completion and latest completion, successor work and predecessor work, priority and criticality, etc.. Simply we can consider this as a Work Object.

In Executing Phase, it should be possible to update the Work Object with the progress so that it can be possible to calculate the current progress and money spend at a given time.

After event Phase, it should be possible to create all the budget report and analyse the event.

The next important thing is the Attendees Management which includes Content Management as well. There should be a easy to set up component which enables Attendees Registration over a web site and the public should be able to submit content like speeches. The content should be supported according to the event type, Bar Camp style or Conference Style.

Sponsorship Management is quite important but we can think of that later.

I would like to see Object Orient design for the proposed system using the design pattern MVC with PHP.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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