Dare to accept the challenge – GSoC with me

I ll be mentoring few projects in this GSoC program and few students have already contacted me asking about the project ideas that I am supposed to mentor. Following information regarding the mentoring process would help students. Specially you will be able to decide to select my idea or not to select after you finish reading this.

My mentoring starts before the students are selected. If any student is in interested in one of my project ideas they should start working as early as possible. Let me know that you are interested in my idea and I ll assign you bunch of things to do before forwarding an application. Do not select a project, if you are not ready to work hard and learn yourselves.

I like blog posts, therefore I ll ask you to blog on things you learn about the community. Certainly I ll ask you to write more blog posts . Therefore do not select my ideas if you hate blogging.

I like reading mails, therefore I ll ask you to write more mails to mailing lists, where you can learn a lot and mingle with the community a lot. Please again do not select my ideas if you hate writing mails and getting mingled with the community.

I appreciate the quality. Therefore give 100% of your effort when you do something. Do not just do it and ask me to review. Take time and do something with good quality. Bare mind the count does not matter but the quality.

I like being honest. Therefore try to be honest as much as possible. I can understand your needs and I respect them. Therefore inform me about such in advance so that we can adjust our way of working before hand.

Deadlines are very important, therefore try to deliver on or before the deadline what you have promised. This is very important. No exceptions, meeting deadline will be counted.

Try to be professional as much as possible when we work on the project. Outside treat me as your friend.

Coding is not the only thing I am looking for. Knowledge on languages and technologies one aspects. You should be good in communication and human interactions. It counts a lot. May be you are an expert but if you could not express what you wanted to express, you will be ranked low due to the nature of this program.

Having said those, bare mind always that there are some students working on the same idea, only one will be selected. Therefore try to do your best all time.

All the very best if you still decide to select one of my ideas for GSoC, I am looking forward to welcome you and work with you long term.



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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