Elections – Fedora 19 – 2 days to go ….

Fedora 19 election has been begun some weeks back and 9th December 2012 is the deadline for voting. This is just a kind reminder about it. If you still did not use your vote please do use it now !

Do you wonder how?


Voting links for The Board, FESCo and FAmSCo can be found at the above URL. You need to Log In to vote.

Fedora using Range Voting system, that means you need to select your preference. Voting eligibility may differ from group to group.

Information on Range Voting

Fedora Project has implemented Range Voting for elections. You need to select a value 0 to maximum number (depends on the number of candidates)

0 as ‘least or no preference’ and maximum value as ‘highest preference’.

At the end of the election, the highest ranking candidate(s) are marked as the winners.

For more information about Range Voting, visit the Center for Range Voting.

Please do vote and support the project. This is required to continue the project and ensure sustainability.


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