Moving towards Quantum Physics with F19 . .

As noted in my last post, it was about to name F19, the next version of Fedora operating system. The voting has finished and the release name has been announced.

Robyn, The Fedora Project Leader, has announced the results of the election and “Schrödinger’s cat” would be the next release name for F19. It was my second preference and Parabolic Potassium which was my selection got the 7th place, however it is not the last since there were 8 candidates.

We are having cows with 18 and in 19 we are having cats, now it is time to think about themes, wallpapers with cats and quantum physics in mind.

Please find the results follow with the official announcement link.

391 ballots were caste.


Votes ::  Name
1876  ::  Schrödinger's Cat
1620  ::  Higgs Boson
1012  ::  Tiddalik
960   ::  Loch Ness Monster
907   ::  Newtonian Dynamics
892   ::  Martian Blueberries
722   ::  Parabolic Potassium
595   ::  Cubical Calf

Finally what is this cat : see here


2 thoughts on “Moving towards Quantum Physics with F19 . .

    • Just to be more clear, in a solid state spin model for a quantum computer a two level system is used. The cat can be dead or alive, I do not like that, but it is possible to have two different cats for each level (0 or 1 ).


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