Difficulty in shipping with in APAC region – FAm Experience

When reviewing fedora-apac trac tickets I have found an interesting comment from one of FAms in Bangladesh. It totally expresses the difficulty in shipping media/swag with in APAC region. This comment has posted in related with F17 media (200 DVD) request from Bangladesh FAms.


“Those DVD had arrived long ago, but the FedEx? guys didn’t dropped that package at my address. They gave me papers instead to collect it from the government custom warehouse. I went there only to found that I have to pay a huge amount (100 US$+) as some wired surcharges/duties/fees. I told them these are free gifts and contain no commercial value. They asked me to collect a NOC from BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council – the Government’s computer authority). And my application to the BCC got no reply until now. After couple of follow up over the phone, they replied, they’ve collected one DVD from the customs warehouse to check the content and will issue me a NOC few days later. I called four days later and freaked out, when hared that no one knows about my application and asked me to apply again.

It seems, it would have been better to produce locally as I did earlier for ​Fedora 14.

Anyway, I am closing the ticket. now.”

<end of extract>

Found in fedora-apac #36

That is why we need to look forward to implement Effective SWAG distribution/ management with in APAC and it is mandatory at this situation. However it is inevitable that we need to wait till FUDCon 2013 in the region.


One thought on “Difficulty in shipping with in APAC region – FAm Experience

  1. I’m glad people are finally starting to realize that central production then shipping all over the world just doesn’t work.

    We had been producing our media for years in France for these exact reasons: we consistently had our media ready to distribute before they were even finished producing in EMEA, we completely removed all potential issues with customs, etc…

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