Guideline for Fund Requests/ Reimbursements – APAC Region

While enjoying a long weekend, I was able to finish drafting the “Guideline for Fund Requests/ Reimbursements” related to APAC region.

The draft can be view at , planning to go live on September 7th if there is no major concerns from the Fedora Ambassadors within the region. However there was no major modifications except introducing limits and position of budget wrangler.

Imposed limits are as follows;

  • $0-299 USD = The request requires approval from at least one of the following:
    • A member of FAmSCo from APAC
    • Credit Card Holder or a person approved by the credit card holder in APAC region
  • $300-1000 USD = The request requires approval from the appropriate regional community (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, or NA)
    • At least five (5) individual FAm votes required at APAC FAm Bi-Weekly meeting
  • $1000+ USD = Requires approval from FAmSCo
    • A ticket must be filed on the FAmSCo Trac prior to the expenditures to be considered

Further the role of a budget wrangler is to ensure the spending is recorded and maintain the budget within the limits. FAmSCo will be appointing a person for the position of Budget Wrangler time to time.

Introduction of Advanced Payment Process (APP) is one of the facilitation for the Ambassadors which includes in the new guideline. However it should followed the prior approval.

Following points are mandatory and important;

  • No receipts, no reimbursements (not applied for advanced payments).
  • No reimbursements for personal expenses (eg: Business cards)
  • Requests from Non-FAms will be directed to local FAms.
  • Requests with no trac tickets will not be considered.
  • Do not spend till your request get approved.
  • Do upload receipts not more than 2 months from the approval.
  • All amounts should be in USD (US Dollars)
  • You can spend less than you have requested but not more than what you have requested.
  • Once the amount is reimbursed do confirm (closing the ticket with a comment) that you have collected money.

APAC-Trac should be used to track requests and every requests should be supported by a trac ticket.

If you are from APAC region please do read the guideline and raise any question, suggestions will also be welcome.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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