GSoC 2012 : Conclusion marks on today

Today is the last day of the Google Summer of Code 2012 program. August 24th, 1900 UTC mentors and students should make sure the final evaluations are ready. As an admin for an organization it is a headache to make sure all the evaluations for all the projects are completed on or before the given deadline. There are two things that can happen if mentor evaluations are not ready. Believe me consequence are the most worst.

  1. The student is going to miss the payment, certificate and everything. It is like the student is “FAIL”
  2. This year there is a special rule which governs the participation for the mentor summit, following is an extract from Carols’ own words.

<extract>Finally, a reminder: This year we will not allow any mentor who misses an evaluation deadline to attend the mentor summit (assuming no one else submits the evaluation on the mentor’s behalf before the deadline either). Also, any org that misses 2 or more evaluation deadlines (for the midterm, final, or midterm and final combined) will not be invited to attend the mentor summit this year.</extract>

As a result I was proactive and had a local deadline for submitting mentor evaluations. After that deadline I ll be filling all the “not submitted” mentor evaluations and decide whether student is Pass or Fail if and only if the mentor is not responding.

I am glad to note that for the Fedora Project all the primary mentors paid enough care so that I had no troubles with such a situations and all the mentor evaluations are ready before my local deadline. I do believe an organization administrator is happy to see all green in the mentor evaluation section which means all the evaluations are submitted and the projects are flagged “Pass”.

However I am not going to publish anything about results here, it is up to program administrator to handle.

At the moment everything is in place and we are ready to conclude the program for 2012. But being frank this is not a hard and fix conclusion. Many things to be happened. Stay connected with GSoC 2012 updates.

Finally I would like to thank all the mentor on behalf of the Fedora Project, without you this is not possible. Thanks for all of you and your great effort. And importantly students, thanks for selecting the Fedora project for GSoC and looking forward for your contribution towards the project when GSoC is over as well. Last but not the least, thanks Google Inc for organizing such a great program.

Should you seek more information about anything related with GSoC , with in the Fedora project, do not hesitate to contact me over.



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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