Review : Jetwing Travel Agents

I am not a frequent flyer but whenever air ticket is required I just use online booking rather calling for a travel agent. However first time in my life I decided to go for a travel agent.

First i was confused because I have no experience with travel Agents, as a result I did not have a slightest hint, whom to contact. So I did google and found out some establishments in Sri Lanka. I contacted some over the phone and requested quotations according to my planned travel. Out of what I have contacted I got a handy response from Jetwing Travels and as a result it was decided to select it.

The service was excellent and the representative is friendly and responsive. I changed my plans several times and ran queries so often. Each and every need/inquiry was attended quickly and I was able to get the best fare available according to my need and favor. The opening hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, but there was no need of visiting them, even I dont know where it is physically located. I was able to get my work done over the phone and email. Finally I got the fligh references so that I proceed with entering more information such as seating and sky miles myself though the airline website.

The next thing is to check-in which can be done via the airline website too. How easier it is. At last but not least, I did my own research to find out whether it is the best price via online booking trials with the airline web sites. Findings were wonderful and it was lower than the sum of the airline prices.

Conclusion : I am happy with the service Jetwing Travel provided and I am able and happy to recommend them for any of your ticket booking needs. Contact them and ask Nishaminie (The representative who handled my booking with great care and friendly),

Tel : +94 11 234 5700

Web :

I never believed visiting travel agent is that much convenient.


One thought on “Review : Jetwing Travel Agents

  1. An experienced and knowledgeable travel agent will usually have the necessary skills to plan a great holiday for their client, and this makes them very popular within this industry.

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