Fedora has a new Program Manager, welcome !

I came across two important announcements from the Fedora project, in this week.

One turned out to be the announcement of the appointment of Fedora Program Manager (FPM),  congrats Jaroslav Reznik [jreznik] !!! Jaroslav is a Fedora Ambassador from EMEA region and an elected Fedora Board member, that is not the whole, he can be found at everywhere in the Fedora Project.  His latest challenge would be, to plan the next release F18 and manage it. Robyn Bergeron who turned out to be the Fedora Project Leader was the former Fedora Program Manager, according to her managing the Fedora Project schedule would be somewhat tricky and challenging. But I am sure Jaroslav will overcome those challanges.

The next is the End of Life (EOL) announcement for f15. Fedora support would remain for F17 which is the latest release and the F16 which was released on last November. Therefore for F15, there will be no security updates, support available. Please do upgrade your operating system accordingly. If you want help please refer to the following link, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DistributionUpgrades

Apart from those announcements there was a announcement on outage by Kevin Fenzi as well, refer to http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-July/003092.html for more info


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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