Is your employer proud of you?

May be, most of you are proud to be a part of a renowned company and join with it. Around 5 years back, my dream was to be a part of Vitusa, then it changed to WSO2, then Sun Microsystems, Red Hat …. list grows. Being frank it includes Google but never Microsoft. At then I was proud to be called “I was a part of them”.

These days I am about to finish my bachelors in Engineering and I am interesting in starting my profession as an Engineer. Soon I will be recruited by one of the companies I directed my CVs but is that all I wanted?

Last week I had an interview with one of the companies which is a part of Hayleys group. The final question was “Hayleys is a large establishment over the globe and we are a part of it, if you are selected, you will be a part of the largest companies, are you proud of that?”, I was not sure what to say . However finally I said “Yes it is, why not. But as long as the company is proud of having me.”. The panel was not ready for such an answer, I suppose, therefore I had to explain the meaning around another 10 minutes. It was interesting and soon converted to a discussion, believe me.

Any establishment is nothing without human resource. I am confident enough about myself and my abilities and capabilities. Companies survive from its employees, largely depends on the decision makers. Therefore if I am going to be one of the employees and going to work for the betterment of the company it increases it is revenues. Therefore company should be proud because of me it survives and earning profits. If my contribution is not that worth or effective I dont want to be an employee since it wont help me to develop.

Finally the panel was happy about my self confidence and attitude not to depend on the company but to develop the company. I got a nice consideration, at that time I was recruited by another.

I though about a lot and I do believe as graduates, where we are going to work as executives in decision making level we need to make sure that we are proud of ourselves and confident enough. And we need to make sure the employer is proud of us as well. If not work hard to make it OR resign. The challenge is in fount of you, it is yours decision to accept it or reject it.

I am always proud of me and want to make the employer be proud to have me.



3 thoughts on “Is your employer proud of you?

  1. Dear Buddie, my friend your 100% correct. We should demand otherwise they will treat us as laborer . Proud to be an Engineer, We are rare !!!

  2. Ayya, We know u are outstanding but not all. What happen to others? I dont think it is possible to demand for what v need, the market is nt that flexible. They will take another if we try to do this.

  3. Hey, This is amazing post. Such attitude proves how confident you are. Dont worry man companies are hunting such employees and they will recruit anyone who have such attitudes, I am sure. Thanks for sharing.

    Amila : Think positive, change your attitudes first.

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