Next step of GSoC with Fedora

The Fedora project got 60+ students’ proposals at the end, which was a huge achievement I believe. On the other hand, simply it can be assumed that at-least we have around 50 students who are interested towards the Fedora project. Unfortunately since there are limited number of slots will be offered by the Google we have to accept few number of proposals to proceed with the current year GSoC program with the Fedora project. It is sad but should be happening.

I can understand as a student how disappointed you are! However it is not the time to get disappointed. Students those who didnt get selected for any organizations still have an opportunity to earn an excellent experience in this summer with the Fedora project. This program will be launched soon the results are out on 23rd April. Therefore keep in touch. If you are new yet a university student who is interested in this program just get subscribed to the summer-coding[1] mailing list. You will need 2 minutes for this.

See you with this new program soon !!



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