Evaluation period of proposals just ended

GSoC duplication meeting just finished. Today (20th April) is the last day of the student proposal evaluation. Through out around two weeks we have sorted and ranked proposals which were submitted by the students. There were few spammy/bogus proposals submissions(stats will be published after 23rd April).

As the first step proposals were sorted and check whether those submissions have met the published criteria or not. Once the proposals are sorted out mentors started evaluating the proposals. Since each and every mentor evaluate proposals on their own preferences it was hard to determine the rank. As a result a common scale was introduced to evaluate the submission.

A common set of  questions was forwarded to mentors and ask them to fill out. Finally the rank of the project idea was determined examining the answers provided by the mentors. The main area considered in the questionaire to the mentors are

  • Importance of the idea towards the Fedora project and outside
  • Students capacity to complete the project
  • Students long-term contribution towards the Fedora project
  • Mentors’ availability and interest

Based on their answers the projects ideas were being ranked.

After all some recommendations for improvements would be;

  • It is good to perform the ideas’ relevancebefore including the idea to the idea page.
  • Mentors availability and interst should be evaluated before students proposal submission period starts.
  • A proper set of process and criteria should be established for students
  • Deadlines with in the organization should be clearly communicated before the evaluation period starts



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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