World Health Day – Ageing the Health

April 7th in each year was the World Health Day as per the United Nations.  Ageing the Health is the theme of this year.  Thanks to the modern science we will be able to maintain a high life expectancy.  However the idea behind is to strengthen the older men and women as a unique resource.

“Increased longevity is a cause for celebration and something to which we all aspire.  Older people make many valuable contributions to society — as family members, as active participants in the workforce, and as volunteers within communities.  The wisdom they have gained throughout their lives makes them a unique resource for society.”

— UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, World Health Day message

World Health Day is one of importance days for me since 2009 where I started dealing with one of the MDG on maternal health. However I am happy to see the progress even though the consideration i muchs wider currently. As we planned we are lacking behind with the Nirogi project which was planned to start  before the start of the FY 2012. But looking forward to take the step forward asap. I hope the good news will be out with in few months from the CTO’s office. AFAIK the issue is not with the technical aspects but with the community. Building a stable product is very easy than building the community around. That is where the role of Community Manager comes to the arena.

It is good to note that GNU Health project won the Best Software award from FSF this year as well. Seems like health is the concern of FOSS enthusiasts in this year, therefore I see no reason to wait more. Hope for the best.

Happy World Health Day !!


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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