Idea List Freeze – 27 ideas under 8 categories

The idea page for the Fedora Project[1] was in soft-freeze status since 26th March 2012 and today the page move to freeze status. Therefore no idea will be accepted for GSoC 2012 program anymore. This ensures that every student is treated fair. A tentative place holder[2] has been created for idea page for GSoC 2013. Your valued idea can be noted at the new page and I am sure the next year admins for GSoC, will take care of this idea.

Finally I am glad to announce that the list end up with 27 ideas under 8 categories.

According to the wiki page following are the topics of those ideas,

4.1 Applications for desktop end users
4.1.1 Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations)
4.1.2 Bringing the Cloud to the Fedora Desktop
4.1.3 Web hosting control panel
4.1.4 Assemble a toolchain for recording screencasts easily
4.1.5 Improve Fedora's Tablet User Experience

4.2 Applications for programmers
4.2.1 Implement a binding translator for GlusterFS
4.2.2 Implement a Cassandra/NoSQL Connector or Translator for GlusterFS

4.3 Linux kernel project
4.3.1 Implement nfs/fscache writeback cache
4.4 Infrastructure for Fedora contributors and users
4.4.1 Implement a survey infrastructure for the Fedora Project
4.4.2 Design Hub: FLOSS Collaboration for FLOSS Designers
4.4.3 Implement a unit test framework for fedpkg and rpkg
4.4.4 Insight use cases for calendar
4.4.5 Insight use cases for status and microblogging
4.4.6 Insight use cases for events
4.4.8 Setup Gitlab as a front end for Fedora Hosted git repositories
4.4.9 Dorrie: A web-interface for building Fedora spins/remixes
4.4.10 Semi-automated system implementation for FWN

4.5 Linux system services

4.6 Improving Fedora packaging
4.6.1 Java API/ABI changes checker
4.6.2 AUR Clone for Fedora
4.6.3 Maven FOSS Repository Extension

4.7 Fedora Spins and remixes
4.7.1 Fedora Audio Creation Spin
4.7.2 Fedora JBoss Spin
4.7.3 Educational Application for Fedora Robotics Suite

4.8 Applications for systems administrators
4.8.1 RHQ-agent to interface with Matahari

4.9 Applications for Testers
4.9.1 Fedora Gooey Karma
4.9.2 Fedora On-Demand Build Service

Thanks to interested contributors, we are able to reach such number. We are delivering a high quality experience to the students who join with us for GSoC, thanks for supporting to make it happen.

Happy Summer Coding !!



2 thoughts on “Idea List Freeze – 27 ideas under 8 categories

  1. Isn’t the idea behind the idea page supposed to be that those are just ideas and that students can submit proposals which aren’t necessarily one of the listed ideas (as long as the project is interested in the proposal and a mentor can be found)?

    • Indeed yes! We love to hear students valued and creative ideas always. Students could/can add their ideas, we have used a separate page to manage students’ ideas[1]. No restriction at all, any student still can submit a proposal for their own idea, even though they didnot discuss with any contributor/ mentor in Fedora project. But contributors or mentors are not able to add their ideas. The reason is clear, because it is not practical that a student will learn about the idea and submit a proposal to the idea with in less than 3 days.

      Being clear, ideas/ topics on the idea list are not just ideas. They are also some important aspects from our contributors. We value both inputs.


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