GSoC with Fedora : Mentors’ Notification

As per the timeline for the gsoc program[1] the students’ will start submitting their proposals from 26th March 2012. If you are interested in participating with the gsoc program with Fedora project as a mentor please make sure your idea is ready to go though the program.

  • The idea page[2] will be freeze from 25th March(ideas will not be accepted from this date onwards),   make sure your idea is on the wiki.
  • Every idea should have to have a mentor[3], having a co-mentor would be a plus.
  • Idea which does not have a mentor will not be selected for gsoc program, therefore those ideas will be removed.

If you are interested in gsoc but do not have your own idea consider mentoring a project from the students’ idea list[4].

Further please be kind enough to make sure following check list is competed as well;

Make sure you have,

  • read the mentors’ guide[5]
  • Joined with the summer-coding mailing[6] list if you have not already joined
  • Registered as a mentor with Google-melange[7]
  • Applied for the mentorship with fedora in Google-melange[8]
On behalf the Fedora Summer of Coding admins for GSoC I have forwarded this notification[9] to the list as well.
Please support us to deliver a high quality experience.
If you are looking for a clarification please do contact us via the summer-coding list[6] or directly me[10] if required.

Enjoy summer coding !!



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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