GSoC project ideas from Fedora – Myth and Reality

The Fedora Project is a combination of development languages, technologies and so on. However most students believe the Fedora is all about editing and developing kernel related stuff. Many think they should be experts in Linux, C and so on. But the reality is far different.

First of all, to participate in GSoC program you dont have to be an expert in any field. The main concern is whether you like to join and support the project long termly. You can always learn new things and mentors will encourage you as well. Therefore the knowledge is not a blocker, only your dedication and effort set the limitation.

This post is a review of Fedora project ideas. The Fedora projects’ idea page[1] is growing gradually and as per 13th March, it consisted 21 project ideas. A pretty good number. The ideas are categorized into 7 categories.

Following are the categories;

Applications for desktop end users – In this category the main idea is to develop applications which are useful to the end users. Currently there are 4 project ideas listed.

Applications for programmers – These are the application that are important to developers. Currently there are 2 project ideas listed.

Linux kernel project – If you are familiar with the Linux kernel, this category would fit you. Only 1 project idea is listed.

Infrastructure for Fedora contributors and users – This category is to develop components that are useful for the Fedora project contributors to make their lives easier.  The ideas seeks different skills, a mixture of technologies/ languages. If you are good at PHP, Ruby, Python please have a look. 8 project ideas can be found.

Improving Fedora packaging – Fedora packaging is one of the main concern with in the project. Here you can find things related with the packaging. If you are having a good understanding on Linux systems/ RPM packages this would fits you. Only 3 idea is available.

Fedora Spins and remixes – Same as packaging, creating new spins would be the target. 3 projects available.

Applications for systems administrators  – Developing application which are helpful for the system administrators is the objective. 1 project idea is available.

The list keep growing, therefore please check the idea page frequently and if any idea make sense do not hesitate to contact the mentor for more details.

Having knowledge is not a mandatory thing to join with the Fedora project. You can learn anything related, if and only if you have the dedication and the interest.

The rule is simple if you want to get to know then raise it !!!



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