SFD Competition 2011

Software Freedom International (SFI), the organization behinds the Software Freedom Day (SFD) has announced the last year SFD event competition some months back. I have got access to the reports today as I am sitting in the SFD Competition Committee, representing the SFI Marketing Committee.

In coming weeks, as planned it is 3 weeks, I am supposed to go through all the event reports and rank them according to the competition ranking scheme.

The winners will be rewarded fully free and open source software containing netbook, Lemote Yeeloong.The winning teams will also get to receive a book – Free Software Free Society: selected essays by Richard M. Stallman signed by Richard M. Stallman.

I ll keep blogging about the way this new work goes. I am not supposed to elaborate about the result or teams correspondents. But I ll be able to blog about the general expression and feelings I will be encountering. Being frank at the moment I am excited enough to read those wonderful even reports with creative ideas.

As the competition term states, “Entries will be judged on the scope and success of activities, innovativeness of the events, number of people reached, amount of publicity, and other criteria.” . I ll be trying to do my best as much as possible.

Finally, Pockey thanks for offering me the opportunity and looking forward to work with the committee.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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