My role in GSoC 2012

Fedora was a participating organization in GSoC since 2005. Last year, 2011 was its 6th successful representation. I was planning to play the role of a mentor from the beginning with some projects (based on PHP) which I am working on. However finally I ended up starting playing the role of the administrator and a mentor with the Fedora project.

In macro scale, maintain and deliver a high quality program/ experience on behalf of the project, with successful rate of 100%   is my main goal. In micro scale I want to interact with students supporting them, inspiring them and guiding them through out the program and make them long term contributors. The idea is directly associated with the duties of a Fedora Ambassador as well. Therefore I believe this is a great opportunity I gained.

Contact address would be bckurera AT fedoraproject [DOT] org

Want to know what is happening with Fedora in terms of GSoC, here are the important places,

1. GSoC portal in Fedora wiki [3]

2. Main Idea page [4]

3. If you have your own idea [5]

Projects I ll be mentoring (co-mentoring with) directly,

1. Implement a survey infrastructure for the Fedora Project [6]

2. Insight use cases for calendar [7]

Both ideas noted above are based on PHP and the second idea is highly based on drupal. I ll be having some ideas which are not based on PHP, those will be published soon once I find a co-mentor so that the existence of ideas are confirmed. If any one is interested in above ideas please contact me and I ll provide all the information related with above ideas.

Projects I ll be supporting,

1. Insight use cases for status and microblogging [8]

2. Assemble a toolchain for recording screencasts easily [9]

For above projects I should be the last person if anyone going to contact me.

Therefore if anyone want help please do not hesitate to ask but what I ll do is pointing the place where the help can be obtained. If any one need to contact me for the ideas I am mentoring, I have a prepared template to forward. Personally I ll make sure the information I am delivering will be equally distributed, so that every one is treated fair and equally. Therefore some questions will be answered in the summer-coding mailing list[2] as well. Further I ll keep blogging time to time.

Rule of thumb(based on last years experience) in considering student proposals is no personal favor, but early contributions with the Fedora project or other Free Software projects matter. The long term support, contribution towards the Fedora project after the evaluation period of the GSoC program is the main factor I am looking for, when I comes to voting on student proposals(if required). Being technically sound isnt the only requirement, but should be willing to learn and dedicate/ spend time with the project.

Further anyone can contact me directly if you seek any support or information about the GSoC 2012 program with the Fedora project. Please consider CCing the summer-coding list as well for the transparency issues unless the matter is too personal.

Good Luck then !!!!!



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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