APAC Bi-weekly meeting 2012-03-03

APAC is continuously getting improving with meetings. The participation is getting increasing and lot of ideas and thoughts are sharing among the APAC Fedora Ambassadors.

The full logs can be found at the following link, http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-03-03/apac_bi-weekly.2012-03-03-03.59.html

A long discussion took place at the meeting about the situation of the FUDcon bid which is to be voted by the FAmSCo. Further to make APAC is more centralized, usage of one trac per region(main focus is APAC) to track request is discussed. A tractciket was opened by Ankur with the FAmSCo trac. Suresh came with a nice proposal for awarding prizes for Beefy Miracle release parties.

John Rose (inode0)Kaio and other great APAC FAms were participated.

The next meeting will be on 2012 March 17th.


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