Megaupload is seized

Megaupload is seized a developing story at the time I am writing this.

As a disclaimer I am nt a lawyer and this is not a law advice. Further I am against copyright violations and any kind of such effort. Just a view on my side about the incident.

The reason to shutdown the website is their behavior on copyright material. The attorney has proved that the site is purposely violate the copyright law damaging over $ 500 million.

According to my view this incident has many things that needs to be considered.

1. We are on the midst of two legislation (SOPA and PIPA), this lawsuit extremely shows the necessity of such an act. Therefore is there a connection between the lawsuit and the legislation (as many ppl are oppose the legislation including Wikipedia, FSF and Mozilla)?

2. Why NZ police arrest those employees and seized their properties?

I am gain recalling that I am really against copyright breaches.

One thing is the megaupload site is not 100% illegal. There are legitimate traffic to the site for legal content. Like many users whom I know use this site as a locker to store their backups. What would happen on their valuable content.

If it is proven that the site owners are not acting on copyright infringement report then it is really bad and I accept closing down the site would be a good action. However there should be measurements to secure legitimate users rights. At least their payments should be redeemed and reasonable time should be granted to get those legitimate valuable content back downloaded.

The next question is how come the associates get arrested in NZ. The law suite was heard at USA then they gave the order as their servers were located in Virginia it is 100% legitimate. But how they can issue an order to NZ police to arrest those. As par as I am aware NZ is not a territory that controls by the USA.

Recalling again I am against the copyright violations.

As far as I am aware the USA police should request Interpol so that Interpol will handle the matter and arrest them even though the defendants are in another country. That is the procedure. However it is not clear what is the method behind on their arrests.

In generally, no site holds unlimited liability on what their users upload to their sites. But a method should be available to report on content that violate copyright or any other issue, example photography. In such case once there is a request it should be entertained and block the content if it is violation as soon as possible. In such a way the sites are secured and copyrights are secured too. As per the lawsuit it is proven that megaupload neglect such things purposely. If it is the case closure would be extremely appreciated. However there should be a relief for legitimate customers as I have mentioned above.

I terminate this post again recalling I am totally against copyright violations . . .


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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