FOSS User Society meeting

FOSS User Society had a meeting yesterday (18th Dec 2009). The goal was to discuss about the future activities of the society. The president, Buddhika Kurera chaired the meeting.

The meeting starts with the celebrations of the initiating the FOSS User Society on this year. There are 14 members and 4 members join online. Mr. Samitha joined with us representing the Board of Advisers and Mr. Yasantha Fernando joined with us via Skype.

Following were discussed in the meeting.

  1. Developing a web site and obtaining a domain name.
  2. Methods of Fund raising.
  3. Events that will happen on next year (2010).
  4. The Society’s new project “FOSS User Magazine”
  5. 1st Anniversary celebrations on April 2010.
  6. Registration of the society as a not-for-profit organization.
At the end Mr. Samitha addressed the Society and it gave lot of energy to the members and touched them. Isuru presented the account details of the event organized on September celebrating the Software Freedom Day 2009. Finally the President addressed the meeting and commented on the achievements of the Society in 2009.

There were lot of ideas/ suggestions from the members. The meeting was a success and the next meeting will be held on February 4th, 2010.

After the party, Fedora 12 (“Constantine”) release party was held at “Mario Inn” at Marawila Beach.

Prepared using Meeting Minutes by the Secretary (Maxtina Fernando)


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