Into Linux, more than 5 years now

I started using Linux in 2004, I cannot remember certainly, anyway the first attempt was made with Ubuntu. Ubuntu was installed on my Pentium 4 and soon removed. I was not satisfactory enough to continue using Linux. However after completing my Ordinary Level examination in 2003 I was again thinking of using Linux. The only thing which drove me to use Linux was its’ geekyness. I wanted to be a geek when I was small. If my memory is correct from the days I started learning Basic as my maiden computer language.

Then I wanted to try Linux again, I installed Ubuntu again and try to use it. This time it went quite well. I dont have a printer, scanner or any other devices so I found no problems with drivers and also I wasnt a fan of games therefore I was quite comfortable with Ubuntu.

One thing made my crazy, people talk about Linux but there is no Linux OS to find out. I went to shops and ask the Linux OS, the answer was “no” from many shops. Finally one shop they had some understanding on Linux. I was fortunate enough to get a Fedora Core DVD. It cost me around LKR 200 at that time and finally I came home with 2 DVDs.

Then I installed Fedora on the same Pentium 4 and that is how I became a Fedora user. There was no place to get information about Linux, books are limited in Libraries, most people didnt know anything about Linux. Finally one of my relatives was kind enough to send me “Red Hat Linux” complete book. I was delighted not because I got a book related with Linux but the book was huge containing more than 600 pages. It thought  me lot about Linux.

First time I understood what is Linux and What is ubuntu and what is fedora. It was the stepping stone. Soon I realized that I was sick with Linux. I started burning CDs and giving to my friends. They were happy about Linux because it was virus free. Most of them installed it, some seek my support to get it installed. Finally they have Windows XP and Fedora installed in their PCs.

I tried to install Linux on my school PCs and there fore I was asked to introduc Linux to my mates. So that was the first speech I made on public about Linux. I was in grade 11 then. I was lucky because no body other than me knew a single thing related with Linux, even the IT teacher. Therefore I managed that quite well.

However that is the history with Linux and I was using Fedora from 2004 till now continuously. Internet was not a available  thing for us until 2006. However access to the internet made the Life with Linux easy.

Finally I should note that I was deviated from the goal of being a geek. But one thing still remaining and it is, I am a Linux user.



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