$ mkdir Mechanical Engineering

I was entered to the University of Peradeniya on 2008 and after a years time I should select my specialization, most of the time selection depends on the first years GPA.

When I entered my hope laid on Computer Engineering, first year I was mad on that and due to the assignment with Dialog I could not perform well on the second year.

However I am starting deviating from my original goal. I am already doing well with BIT and MIS at UCSC and Northumbria University. I see no use of obtaining another degree in IT. That happens if I follow Computer Engineering for my major at the University of Peradeniya.

Therefore I tend to consider my goal, review it and reform the goal. If Computer Engineering is skipped I have another 5 steams as an option.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering : I dont have the required GPA to follow and even though I dont like this. Being frank the E&E engineering lab is so boring and I hardly have the interest on this field.

Civil Engineering : I am not interested in this field as it deal with buildings and I think those are so boring stuffs to deal with. Further I dont like survey at all.

My chemistry knowledge is very low therefore Chemical Engineering is not for me.

The only option is Mechanical and Production engineering. Both seem good for me and need to make a selection. Mechanical or Production engineering?

Many people has advised me to select Mechanical over Production. They treat production as a sub section of Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering subjects are tough, but now seems I don’t have any other alternative.

Finally I have marked MECHANICAL ENGINEERING as the first choice.

Goals and targets of the life are changing rapidly and radically. A boy who wanted to be a Software Engineer now trying to be a Mechanical Engineer. How strange the life is?


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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