EOF with Dialog GSM

I was able to join with a project with Dialog GSM last year and finally it came to the end after the successful completion and tests at Malaysia last month proves that we did the job. It was a nice experience to work with professionals and being the youngest member of the team with others. The project was a success and will be deploy once the final arrangements are finalized.

This is the first time I worked for a multinational company and the experience was novel to me. Working with Malaysian lecturers at MMU and being a teammate was an honor and a great opportunity to explore the knowledge they had.

I would like to thank all that help me to go though this huge achievement and specially the company for offering me this opportunity and my Team leader to leading me all the time with patient.

Finally I will miss the outgoing free SIM the company has provided me though out the contract period.  But I do hope the privilege will be mine again as soon I complete the degree and join with them for my career.

Even though DIAL is performing less with my stocks I am glad that I invested on this company.



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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