Programmers should love Bash Scripting

When I was new to Linux, one of the best thing that catched me to Linux was Bash Scripting. It was a cool experience to deal with Bash Scripts and it made my life much more easier.

I started programming with Basic and migrated to C later. Therefore the easiness those scripts are providing was good enough to use them for that long. As I could recall my memories I started learning PHP before I turned to Bash Scripting, therefore I had have “;” and “$” problems, more specially a problem associated with habits.

I was not new to DOS batch files therefore I had an idea what Bash scripting looked like. The learning curve was also pretty fast if you are coming from C style background. Further if your knowledge on programming is solid I believe that Bash is not a big deal.

However not like other operating systems due to Bash my life is much more easier.

My intention is not to write a series of tutorials that teaches you how to start scripting and so on. But just to mention the value and the importance behind the Bash is really useful for programmers. Even the others, it is very useful, but most of the non-IT users had complaints that they can not understand a bit on this.

Originally Bash is a command processor and for GNU Operating System, Bash serves as the default command processor.

Moderate number of IT students have complained me that the syntax are hard to memorized and the scripting language is hard to memorize as well. When I was starting, sometimes I have confused the way the scripting was used. For an example when declaring a variable it should be x=4 if you write x= 4 instead that will give you an error. Therefore special attention should be needed. However that leads to increase the performance. Shell scripts are relatively faster. Moreover with the usage you will get to realize that how easy those things go into your bloods. Belive me it is good to learn by hard Bash scripting because in future it will reward you.

Therefore my advice to newbies is start using, start learning, apply it your day to day development tasks and see. If it doesnt fit to your body that means you arr not into programming.



Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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