Fedora Vs Red Hat

Most of the time people question about Fedora and Red Hat, what is the connection between those two. In 1993 Red Hat was started as a Linux Distro and later in 2003 they initiate the Fedora Core project which is a community based project. Mainly Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat.

Red Hat is subscription based product where you have to pay for the services and support from Red Hat. Do not misunderstand with the proprietary license fee.

Fedora is updating so fast. It releases a new major version once six months. Therefore with a year any major release get outdated. But Red hat is not like that. Not like Fedora, Red Hat contains stable software and they support releases around 10 years. Therefore Red Hat seems a good solution for corporate. It is not that expensive to buy Red Hat in contrast to other paid Operating Systems. There is noting to worry because you get the support with the product as well. It is stable and you dont have to re install or upgrade the operating system yearly.

Then if you are a geek or a tech savvy character who is ding to experience newest technology on the earth then Fedora is the operating system that suits you. Almost Fedora cost zero bucks.

Although finally Fedora is the backbone of the Red Hat. Fedora is playing an important role in the Red Hats’ success story. Even in the Red Hats’ logo you can see the Red fedora. Red Hat is the first Linux Company which went public and it happened in 1997.


Disclaimer : Fedora and Red Hat are trademarks owned by Red Hat Inc. For more info please visit http://www.redhat.com or http://www.fedoraproject.org


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