Why Fedora is important . .

At events most of students are asking why they should use Fedora over other distributions. This is a common question so that think of answering in public so that every one can get the benefit.

Speaking straight away, every Linux distro is good enough to give a try to use them. Because everything is based on Linux Kernel and every distro is almost of the time delivered free.

I am not going to talk about other distribution here as it is not my goal in this post. I am just trying to give you an idea about what Fedora has and what it does. It is your liberty to choose the right distro which suits to you or even if nothing is not in your way try creating one as you need.

In Fedora, RMP is the packaging system they use in contrast to popular DEB system which is used by the Debian based distros.

Considering the technical facts, Fedora is leading in technology. The new Fedora releases contains newer technologies and pioneering in managing new features as well. Keep in touch with Fedora is good for people who follow Red Hat certifications and networking as their majors.

When considering a distro what I am interest most is their vision and goal. Fedora has a vision based on Free Software and Free Community that inspire most of the individuals.

The Fedora project is also another great piece of example for FOSS Communities and Projects. The Fedora Project sponsored by Red Hat and also maintain a proper structure with in the community. It has more transparency, community contribution structure. Not like most other projects you can be a part of the project easily. If you are a good contributor you can reach the top. No restrictions at all. That is the best hing of the Fedora Project I have seen. It provides good opportunities to the Undergraduates and students allowing them to work closely with the project. On other projects set of team is driving the project and most of the time the community is supporting at the ground level. but in Fedora every contributor is treated equally. Any contributor can work closely and contribute in any capacity.

Those are the few things that inspired me towards Fedora. So just try the OS and the Project and see whether it suits you or not.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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