Web Site Designing

Today I am just trying to answer a common problem that students always pop up at classes about web designing.

“Why we need to learn coding??”, In web development classes some students pop up frequently the above question. May be you have faced or have the same thing in your mind. Therefore just think writing a brief note about this matter.

In fact web designing is nothing to do with coding. What web site designers are doing is design the web site. Here they have misunderstand the word design with develop. Lemme give you an example, a client is needed to have a nice looking web site for his company. Then what you need to do as a designer is to design an attractive concept that suite to the clients’ needs. Then as the next step the design is sent to the person who develop the web site. He/ she is the person who develop the site according to the design. Most of the time a graphic tool such as Adobe Photoshop is used to create the graphical concept.

Then why coding is related with them. Lemme get an simple example again. You are supposed to draft a plan for a house. What knowledge you need to have? Is it enough knowing drawing a nice artwork (just lines or a nice sketch)? Here the real problem occurs. If your goal is to draw a plan you should have to have a knowledge who the plan is going to implement. Otherwise you can draw a plan but I wonder whether it is possible to build up, even though it is built is it durable? or is it economical?

Same jargon is true for web developers as well. Without having a proper knowledge on implementation it is not possible to design a web site. May be the idea you have is not possible or costly to implement. When the design is done there is no possibility to rewind back. Therefore at the final stage of the design the design should be verified and the feasibility is much important.

Therefore in design stage people who have technical knowledge is deployed to investigate its technical feasibility with the cost. If the parameters are with in the range, the design is approved or redesign till the required limitations are met.

In this case if the designer have some knowledge on developing the work will get more and more easy. That is why tech leads are interested on people who knows not only to design web sites but also to develop them.


Please add your valuable idea below, will make a discussion, thanks !

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