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5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception

Recently, I was not invited for a wedding where my fiancée was the maid of honor. Therefore it gave me a chance to think of “5 reasons – why you should invite partners of the members of the bride’s party, to your wedding reception”. If you are planning for a wedding this would definitely help for a healthy friendship.

  1. May be their partners wasted time sacrificing their free time when there were fit-on sessions, rehearsals and etc, driving his fiancée to the place and then waiting till such things get over .
  2. May be their partners agreed to share the free time supporting the maids to practice and compose their speeches and practice their dances.
  3. Most of the time you selected your best friends to the brides’ party so your best friends’ husband-to-be is also one of the best friends of your new family too. So you want to skip one of the besties?
  4. Further their partners’ presence would make them really comfortable throughout the event which indirectly earns you an/ few extra helping hand.
  5. Finally, recall the day you invited your selected friends to become a part of the brides’ party in your best day in the life. If they needed to get the ‘OK’ from their partners, of course they stand beside you, holding the bouquets, because their partners said ‘OK’, so here is the time to say “Thank you !”

List goes on, but I decided to stick to the title, so do not hesitate to invite them, it will save your friendship and earn some advantages too.

Otherwise it sounds like “I don’t care, you servant, get my work done !!!” OR “I cant control me when I see your fiancé in this special day, he is insanely sexy” OR ……



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CMB to SIN air fares in July and August.

Recently I checked air fares for Singapore from Colombo and found out following for bookings on July and August, the average low prices in the OneWorld alliance.

Sri Lankan Airlines

  • July – LKR 33,505.00
  • August – > LKR 55,000.00

Malaysian Airlines

  • July & August – LKR 29,265.00

Cathay Pacifi

  • July & August – LKR 30,093.00

However surprisingly I could able to find lowest fare at findmyfare.com LKR 28,050.00 with Malaysian Airlines. If you are HSBC cardholder you can get further 10% saving. therefore the final price would be LKR 25,245.00

If you go with Cathey Pacific with finemyfare.com still the price would come around LKR 30,100.00 and with the discount it comes around LKR 27,000.00 which is a good price I believe.

However the transit via Kuala Lumpur, if you select Malaysian Airlines where other airlines have direct connections to CMB -> SIN.

Therefore if you are interested in lowest fare just check findmyfare.com

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10 Things Every Man Should Have in their backpack

I recently went through a blog article reading “10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse” (link included at the bottom), and instantly I started thinking as men, what should we keep with us in our backpacks. I used to carry my backpack almost everywhere as much as possible and I have few things inside which really save my days, few times. For your info I am listing few most important and must have items in your backpack.

  1. Some Notes (Money) – It is good to keep some cash ready in the bag so that in an emergency it can be used. When it is used do not forget to refill.
  2. Some wet tissues – It is good to have some wet tissues to wipe out
  3. A Knife – Swiss knife is ideal, otherwise a small knife with a cover, can be used to cut papers, any fruit, a bag and list grows. However be extra careful when carrying it and entering to high security zones.
  4. Apirin, Paracetamol or Pain Killer – You never know when you need it, for headache it would be the relief.
  5. A pen – This is very important and serve you well, so keep a pen with you in all time.
  6. Emergency contact info card - With proper info it is good to have an emergency contact card, so that others can use it to contact your family members in case you are in such a position.
  7. Hand sanitizer – Handy thing to have a bottle of liquid sanitizer so that you can be “bacteria free”
  8. A Lighter – Disregard whether you smoke or not. If you are smoking it is obvious that you need to carry it. anyway if you are not it is good to have one so that it can be used in any emergency or in a need. Matches are not an option since they get wet and become unusable in few days.
  9. Some business cards – You will meet many people on the way, good to have some cards so that you can expand your network easily rather than making others memorizing your details.
  10. Some chocolates/ snacks - I hate being in hunger specially when travelling, good to have some snack to enjoy when you are hungry. i usually keep some chocolates and a snack. Because chocolate gives you instant strength if needed.

Apart from above I always keep my keys inside in a safe place and bank tokens. Apart from that if possible I usually carry my diary so that I can write down anything important and since my check book is attached to the diary it gives me extra advantage.

More importantly the list has no order, I think everything is much important, and required when you are in a situation.

In womens’ listing it includes lipsticks, sanitation towels, baby wipe, mace spray apart from the above. Ladies, you may read it at http://en.amerikanki.com/things-every-woman-should-have-in-her-purse


The Fedora Project is featuring on GSoC 2014

As GSoC program announced yesterday, The Fedora Project has been selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 program. Students’ application will be open from March 10th, which is less than 2 weeks time. We are looking forward to welcome students towards the program. Interested students may refer to the GSoC portal[0] in Fedora wiki.

[0] – www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/GSOC_2014

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Marking maps with Google Visualization

If you ever wonder an easiest way to mark places, countries, regions etc on a map for presentations or web content, it can be easily achieved by using Geo-charts in Google Visualization API.

Find more information on https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/geochart

For example I wanted to mark some countries on a map and then use it on my presentation (web), following gave me a good result with 2-3 minutes of work.

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’https://www.google.com/jsapi’></script&gt;
<script type=’text/javascript’>
google.load(‘visualization’, ’1′, {‘packages’: ['geochart']});

function drawRegionsMap() {
var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([

var options = {
magnifyingGlass: {enable: true, zoomFactor: 5.0}

var chart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(document.getElementById
chart.draw(data, options);
<div id=”chart_div” style=”width: 600px; height: 600px;”></div>

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Role of Students, Mentors and Org Admins in GSoC

GSoC 2014 will be happening for the 10th time in few weeks. Mainly a mentoring organizations may seek to earn promising contributors towards the project and/or trying to get implemented things that are critical to their projects. More or less each and every organization tries to get both the benefits. In idea situation, at the end of the program the required project/ or a part of the project/ or a enhancement has been implemented and completed while the student becomes a proven contributor to the organisation.

When selecting students for a proposed project the organisations may try their best to pick the best students among the pool of applications. They may try their best to evaluate the students’ knowledge towards completing the project which we can identify as the students capacity of the knowledge required. And at the same time they may try to evaluate how reliable they are. According to what I believe there is no use of a student who is capable of completing the project but will not be contributing or remaining as a contributor with the organisation in long term, unless the implementation or enhancement is really critical for the well being of the organisation. In the other hand if the student is reliable but not having enough skills to complete the project, again it is useless. Therefore organisations should be willing to try their best to evaluate the both ends and find the suitable students. This may sounds easy but in practice which is really hard to measure and evaluate. This depends on the experience of the organisation administrators and mentors. They should have a strategy to filter out and evaluate them with pre-identified criteria.

Mentoring organisations invest quite significant effort for this program which could have been used for any other development with in the project. Therefore it is really important to meet the goals and expectations. I think everything is depending on the student who are getting selected for the program. The main focus and the assets for this program.

There are instances some GSoC students became proven contributors and shape the organizations being active contributors. Most probably behind them, the secret of the success if their mentors. Mentors should guide them students not only to achieve the goals of the project but to play an active role to get them familiarized with the community. This process should go in parallel to the development/ coding.

The Org Administrators should be the central point of managing everything mentioned above. Building right strategy, setting practical goals, identifying the things to be achieved and maintain the quality should be some of their focuses. In short the Org Admins should play the role of HR management and as well as Project Management.

In ideal situation both entities get together and perform their role best so that the out come form the program would be optimal.




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Mentoring Students for GSoC – Common Qestions

Mentors are one of the stakeholders in Google Summer of Code program, and they are very important set of people. In definition they own an idea and they try to get it implemented/ achieved by a student. In my perspective mentoring goes beyond the boundaries.  Mentor should be able to get he project completed and at the same time he/ she should be an ambassador for the project. How ever it is not the main topic I am focusing on this article.

Through out the GSoC experience, I got some common questions from the mentors, when they try to understand their role. For the benefit of other I though of noting them with my answers. So this is strictly express How mentoring should be, according to my thoughts.

Work load, how many hours per week, should I invest to be a mentor?

There is no upper or lower limit. Your job is to make sure the project is in progress, to get the project going you need to facilitate the student. Depending on the project and the student (some other external factors) you may be investing different hours. You and your student should decide how to interact to get the maximum benefit.

Do I need to be technically sound?

No you do not as long as you know the domain of the problem ! But you should be able to understand what student is doing and then you need to know where to direct if the student needs in-depth technical knowledge.

Is it a professional relationship?

With experience I prefer to make it professional as much as possible when it comes to discussions about the project. Other than that you can use any approach. But make sure everything is in control and you build up a good relationship with the student.

Do I need to have industrial knowledge on how to develop software?

This is not mandatory, but I think it is better you have it. The one of the ideas in this program, is to provide some hands on experience on software development to the students. If you are familiar with those you can transfer the knowledge to the student where he gets additional benefits.

How to evaluate their progress?

This is very important. Two quick rules. Keep in touch with them all time so that you know what is happening. The second is progress meetings. You need to arrange progress meeting according to your requirements. May be once a week, twice a week, monthly or after a milestone. but make sure you have them timely.

Do I need to assist them in coding?

No ! . Most of the time do not help them directly when they stuck. First ask them to solve it themselves. Secondly ask them to contact the community (eg: devel-list, IRC, mailing list…) then ask them to search an answer for the issue (eg: Google, refer books). If above did not work out assist them to solve the problem by giving them required knowledge. Do not code for them at any situation. But train them how to find a solution when they got stuck.

What else other than coding?

As noted in the beginning, you are an ambassador for the organisation/ community. Let the student have the feeling and let him mingle with the community. Guide him so that he can join with other groups with in the organisation and work with them. So that he gets a good exposure on the community.

so few Questions and Answers, I ll keep adding few in future.

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Cocktail Recipes #3

This weekend I was at home and though of trying new cocktail mixture. I tired around 4 mixtures and following is the best recipe.

Cocktail #3



  • Vodka – 2 oz
  • Sherbet Syrup – 2 tsp
  • Orange bitter – 1 dash
  • Nelli Juice – 1 oz
  • Decorations – Few grapes and slice of lime

How to

Crush nelli and get the juice with out adding water using the muddler. Add bitter, ice and shake a bit. Then add vodka and sherbet syrup. Shake well. You may change the vodka portion depending on how strong you want it. Serve with graphs and a lime slice.


Since Orange bitter and Nelli is added the drink is bitter. But adding Sherbet gives a mild bitter taste. Adding 1 oz of dry vermouth would make it much stronger. Adding 1 dash of triple sec would be good I suppose.


Adding some ice cream (vanilla) ? or fresh cream?




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Fedora election – voting has begun

Twice an year Fedora hold election cycles to elect members for governing bodies who then guide the project with in for a period of an year. This June, this summer, we are having three elections running for electing members to the following governing bodies.

  1. The Fedora Board
  2. FESCo
  3. FAmSCo

As usual after series of town-hall sessions we are in the phase of voting, However I hope it is not fun as town-halls but you can have a look and vote for the next generation of the governing body members. Please use the following link and cast your vote.


The eligibility for voting differ from selection body, you must however has signed CLA to vote all the three governing bodies. Further for the FESCo and FAmSCo you need to be a member of at least a FAS group to vote. So cast your vote and help selecting the next governing body who can shape the project as you envision.

Have Happy Voting !!!


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GTA : Grand Theft Auto III, 10th Anniversary edition on Android – Thoughts or Food

After few months of hard work, I have successfully completed GTA : Grand Theft Auto III, 10th Anniversary edition on Android today. While playing following idea came to my mind and think of listing them  as follows, to make it batter.

In future versions :

Vehicle with fuel constraints : It is good to indicate the amount of fuel on every vehicle so that it get reduced while driving all around. So the player need to shift vehicles or re-fuel through out the mission.

Energy for Claude : It is good to indicate Calude energy level (not the health) so that Claude should be fed with food through out the mission. As per the actions he performs the energy level should be reduced.

Weapon shops : It is nice to have an Armoury so that Claude can buy any weapon before they get unlocked. As much as he has money he can buy what he wants.

Bombs : Please include some bombs in the Armoury such as C4 chargers, claymores, time bombs and etc..

More strategy missions : Good to have more missions that should be completed with a strategy than driving and killing.

Mafia leader : It if good to develop Claudes character such as way that he can lead a gang of Mafia, recruiting members and lead them in missions with out Claude interfere in the mission every time.

I do hope such ideas make GTA a great gaming experience, the next goal is to try GTA Vice City on Android.

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